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10 Actors Who’ve Played Multiple Roles in a Movie

Tom Hardy stars as the Kray brothers in ‘Legend.’ (StudioCanal)

Tom Hardy portrays identical twin gangsters Reggie and Ronnie Kray in the biopic Legend, premiering in the U.S. today (November 20). The real-life brothers, who wreaked havoc on London during the 1960s, differed in the way they dressed, who they pursued romantically and how they handled heated situations. Hardy hones in on these contrasts to differentiate between the two. He’s not quite at the level of Tatiana Maslany, who takes on many roles in BBC America’s Orphan Black, but we give him cred where due. Here are 10 other actors who have taken on the challenge of playing more than one role in a film: 1. Hayley Mills
Hayley Mills starred as twin girls separated at birth, ultimately reuniting at summer camp, in 1961’s Parent Trap. The girls’ parents divorced when they were babies, with Sharon growing up with their mother (Maureen O’Hara) and Susan living with their father (Mitch Evers). The girls realize they’re related and agree to switch places, each returning home with the other parent at the end of camp. In 1998 Lindsay Lohan took on this role in The Parent Trap remake, opposite Natasha Richardson and Dennis Quaid.

Watch The Parent Trap on iTunes. 2. Jeremy Irons
Jeremy Irons takes on the…

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