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11 Great British Gangster Films

Richard Attenborough in ‘Brighton Rock’ (Photo: Charter Film Productions)

The British gangster movie, whether played as a caper, a comedy, a musical or a deadly serious thriller, has a distinctly different tone of voice to similarly criminal films from other parts of the world. There may be common themes—sex, violence, a certain devil-may-care attitude towards the feelings of other people, and at some point you’re going to meet a crime boss who makes your skin crawl—but there’s generally less emphasis on the glamour of the game, and even when the gang lords are living high on the hog, there’s still something a little too domestic, a little too grotty, to match up to any of the lifestyles as depicted in, say, Goodfellas or The Godfather. Also, there’s a different range of swear words to choose from, and Anglo Saxon sounds entirely different when delivered in any of the most urban British accents. This, as we shall come to see, is very important if we are to concoct a believable criminal fantasy. Let’s look at some examples: Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels (1998)

If you’ve been witness to Don Cheadle’s frankly bizarre accent in the Ocean’s [number]

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