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Arrow: 10 Best Episodes So Far

You have failed this city.

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Over the course of three seasons, Arrow has defied expectations. Thanks largely in part to its stunning action and likeable characters, the story of Oliver Queen’s vigilante quest to clean up his city has raised the bar for superhero TV shows as a whole.

Action-wise, Arrow has few equals. The show’s fight choreography is often incredible and more often then not, Oliver throwing down against a villain is the best part of the episode. What ultimately makes all of his arrow-shooting exciting, though, is that we care about the people doing the fighting. From Oliver to Team Arrow to his villains, so many of the characters have relatable, fleshed-out personalities that force us as viewers to be invested in their fates.

And while Arrow can scale down and nail the character moments, it’s also proven to have a massive scope. The fights have gotten bigger, the comic book references have gotten more plentiful and it’s even spawned an entire superhero TV universe.

Whether focused on a comic book antagonist, Oliver’s crowded personal life or his past on the island, Arrow is a routinely enjoyable show. With the new season premiering on October 7th, we look back at the episodes that made Arrow what it is today, and got us to come back every week for more.

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