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Bill’s Best Bits!

<div class=”component prose”><strong>Got the post-series blues? Missing the Doctor, Nardole and that chip-serving, world-saving, time-traveling marvel – the brilliant Bill Potts? Well, you&rsquo;re not alone!</strong> We can’t go back in time to 23 April, 2016 to enjoy Bill’s introduction in Friend from the Future, but luckily, we don’t need to! All her adventures with the Doctor are available on BBC iPlayer until the end of July, 2017. But if you’re wondering which ones to watch again, here are six of our favourite moments with Bill that might help you decide! And if we’ve not mentioned your fave Bill moment or episode, let us know on the official Doctor Who Twitter feed! You must enable javascript to play content Friend from the Future
It was the first time we met Bill and frankly, she had us at ‘Why do they keep saying exterminate?’ She made her mark from the get go with her cheeky humour, constant questions, sass and style! Friend from the Future was later revealed to come from her first adventure with the Doctor: The Pilot. Welcome aboard, Ms Potts! <div class=”component”> <img src=”” class=”rsp-img” alt=”” data-img-src-68=”” data-img-src-176=”” data-img-src-208=””

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