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Black Mirror Creator Reveals Real-Life Inspiration Behind Metalhead

[SPOILERS for Black Mirror season 4.]

Black Mirror creator Charlie Brooker points to a disturbingly fleet-footed real-life robot as the partial impetus for the dystopian episode ‘Metalhead’. Notable for its stark black-and-white cinematography, and for its breathless direction by David Slade, the episode is one of the bleakest (and by far the shortest) of the six new installments in Netflix’s techno-anthology, which saw season 4 drop recently. Now, the series creator is discussing the survivalist nature of the episode and where he drew inspiration from with regard to the dog-like robots that serve as the story’s main antagonists. Stories of human survival in an apocalyptic setting are nothing new; they’ve seemingly increased in popularity recently. But instead of zombies, viruses, or oppressive regimes, Brooker’s ‘Metalhead’ unsurprisingly turns a discerning eye toward technology run amok. In this case, it’s the human-hunting “dogs”. These sturdy, four-legged robots have apparently wiped out most of humanity, leaving only small pockets of survivors to scavenge for supplies, and in the case of the Black Mirror’s brief glimpse, wipe out a small group of humans with relative ease. Related: 2017-2018 Winter TV Premiere Dates: New & Returning Shows to Watch But in an interview

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