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Crisis on Earth X Was Almost Released as a “Seamless” Movie

Crisis On Earth-X – the historic, four-part crossover event between Supergirl, Arrow, The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow – almost saw release as a feature-length film. Originally airing across two evenings on The CW, Crisis on Earth-X was an ambitious production in several respects. It not only united the main characters from four separate superhero series but also told a dimension-spanning story that required a level of special effects and stunt work that would be daunting for a theatrical release, let alone a television production. The story of Crisis On Earth-X saw the protagonists from all four series gathering to celebrate the wedding of Barry Allen and Iris West. Tragedy struck as the wedding was attacked by soldiers in Nazi uniforms, whom it was discovered had come from Earth-X – a parallel world where Germany won World War II and had taken control of the United States. The story saw the heroes of multiple worlds – including The Resistance of Earth X – joining forces to thwart an Nazi invasion of Earth One led by evil versions of Supergirl, Green Arrow and a rejuvenated Reverse Flash. The crossover event was praised by critics and fans alike, with many saying

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