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Doctor, Doctor! Our Five Fave Multi-Doctor Adventures!

<div class=”component prose” readability=”14″><strong>There&rsquo;s always something special about a multi-Doctor story. The return of familiar faces, the moments where the Doctors banter and bicker and the feeling that the Time Lord is finally speaking to someone who understands the danger and excitement of his world&hellip; </strong> As we look ahead to Twice Upon a Time where the current ‘version’ meets his first self – the original, you might say – we look back on five of our fave multi-Doctor adventures. The Five Doctors The show’s twentieth anniversary special is so charming and fun it’s impossible to dislike. The Second Doctor teams up with the Brig, the Third Doctor is back with the returning Sarah Jane Smith and the Fifth Doctor works with the First to find out whose crazy scheme has put Gallifrey and his own existence in jeopardy. Loads of fan-pleasing cameos and great footage of the Fourth Doctor courtesy of Shada, the unfinished adventure originally intended to close season 17. Maybe don’t look too closely at the plot… Just enjoy one of the most nostalgic reunion parties Doctor Who ever hosted! Time Crash The first of a few multi-Doctor stories

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