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‘Doctor Who’: 10 Things You May Not Know About ‘Face the Raven’

Doctor Who – ‘Face The Raven’ (Photo: BBC)

Ashildr and Rigsy may be back in the Doctor and Clara’s lives, but there’s no time for any kind of friendly reunion. And bad things are on their way. Here are some of the various references and undercurrents hidden in “Face the Raven” that you may have missed while crossing your fingers and hoping that the Doctor manages to come up with a last minute plan to save the day, one more time: Ravens and their cousins crows have long been intimately associated with both death and the supernatural. There’s Edgar Allan Poe’s poem “The Raven,” in which a grieving man is haunted by a raven repeating the word “nevermore” at him; there are the ravens at the Tower of London, of which it is said that the Tower would fall if they ever left (and Kate Stewart referred to as needing fresh batteries in “The Day of the Doctor”). The Fourth Doctor encountered Cessair, who impersonated the genuine druidic goddess Cailleach, and had several ravens that flocked to the TARDIS (“The Stones of Blood”). The brothers Grimm collected a story called “The Raven,” in which a princess is transformed into a raven…

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