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‘Doctor Who’: 10 Things You May Not Know About ‘Heaven Sent’

‘Doctor Who’ – ‘Heaven Sent’ (Photo: BBC)

In “Heaven Sent” we see the Doctor trapped, alone, and pursued by a being that carries the taint of hell in its wake. He has to work out where he is and how to get out, and in doing so, he has to confront the one thing he admits to being scared of, over and over and over again. Here are just some of things you may have missed while pondering over his eternal dilemma: “Heaven Sent” will be followed by a sequel, “Hell Bent”, and it’s interesting to note how both terms play with notions of judgment from the afterlife in order to serve a narrative purpose. Heaven-sent means lucky and is used to refer to things or people that appear at exactly the perfect time to be incredibly useful, as if sent down from heaven (or left there by a past version of yourself who has died countless times). To be hell-bent is to be determined to see something through, no matter how bad the consequences may be. Both seem very apt, in the circumstances. Frustratingly, the Doctor’s final confession that “the hybrid is me” is less clear than it…

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