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Dudley Simpson (1922 – 2017)

<div class=”component prose”><strong>Composer Dudley Simpson has died at the age of 95. One of Doctor Who&rsquo;s most prolific contributors, he scored 1964&rsquo;s Planet of the Giants and for the next 15 years provided incidental music for the first four Doctor</strong>s. His style became an integral part of early Doctor Who, helping to establish the atmosphere and tone of so many classic adventures. From the jaunty fun of his City of Death music to the wonderful solemnity of his work on The Deadly Assassin or the sense of dread he injected into Horror of Fang Rock, Simpson was a master of interpreting the strengths of a scene and an artist in his ability to emphasize and enlarge those strengths. He worked on over 60 stories and made a cameo appearance in one, playing a conductor in 1977’s The Talons of Weng-Chiang. Doctor Who conductor and orchestrator Ben Foster tweeted, ‘the great composer Dudley Simpson has left us – he was the most delightful & generous man and his music was fabulous’ and many fans reflected how Dudley Simpson virtually scored their childhood. Aside from his work on Doctor Who he wrote the full-blooded title music for Blake’s Seven

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