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Firestorm Leaving The CW’s Arrowverse For Good?

WARNING: This article contains SPOILERS for SupergirlArrow‘s chapters of “Crisis on Earth-X”

The heroes of The Flash have found a cure for Firestorm‘s powers, meaning the Legends of Tomorrow may lose BOTH members of their team. It’s just one of several bombshells in the Arrowverse crossover spread across four episodes of SupergirlArrowThe Flash and Legends. The Firestorm team of Martin Stein and Jax have been struggling to break free of their nuclear bond, and the minds at S.T.A.R. Labs have come up with a solution. The only problem? It will mean the end of Firestorm for good. That twist may be shocking, but with Victor Garber leaving Legends of Tomorrow this season, it makes a lot of sense. After that news broke, it didn’t take fans long to realize that if one half of Firestorm left, the other would need to go with them. But with no frontrunner for Jax’s new partner emerging, and the cure entering the story of the CW crossover, it seems the time has come. Is this the end of both Firestorm heroes? Why The Firestorm Requires Two Heroes It’s been a long time since Ronnie Raymond and Martin Stein shared a single body as the crazed, uncontrollable Firestorm,

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