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Flash Easter Egg Hints at First Justice League Battle

WARNING – This article contains SPOILERS for the “Subject 9” episode of The Flash.

An Easter egg in “Subject 9” – the latest episode of The Flash – makes reference to the very first battle fought by the Justice League of America in their first comic book appearance. The reference was hidden among the blog entries on the website of Izzy Bowin – an aspiring country western musician, whom the episode revealed as The Arrowverse equivalent of the classic comic-book villain The Fiddler. Season 4 of The Flash has centered upon the battle between Team Flash and Clifford DeVoe – a.k.a. The Thinker. A super-genius whose intelligence was enhanced even further through the use of a special “thinking cap”, DeVoe facilitated the creation of 12 metahumans, whose powers he has been systematically stealing as part of his grand design. Izzy Bowin, who developed the power to manipulate sound waves, was DeVoe’s next target and Team Flash was having difficulty in tracking her down until PI Ralph Dibny suggested the obvious solution – check out her social media. Related: Legends of Tomorrow Had 2 Constantine Easter Eggs Izzy Bowin’s blog revealed that she was still in Central City, picking up copies of her

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