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Homophobia and Teen Hormones Clash in ‘Giant Little Ones’ Trailer

#Movies, #Entertainment, Gay, #Bisexual#Movies“It never would’ve happened if we weren’t wasted.”

#EntertainmentGay#Bisexualgiant-little-ones-trailer.jpgGIANT-LITTLE-ONES-trailer-gay-movies-2019-new.jpgTaylor HendersonWhat happens when childhood friends become more?

Giant Little Ones, a new coming-of-age indie film from Vertical Entertainment, dives into the high school jungle of sex, hormones, and bullying. When long-time best friends Franky and Ballas drunkenly hook up, the two jocks are forced to confront their desires and decide who they want to be.

But will homophobia stand in the way of their friendship? And what happens when Franky falls for Ballas’ sister? The trailer gives us a smattering of teen angst, sexual fluidity, and high stakes drama. 

“I suggest you just pay attention to who you’re drawn to,” says Franky’s father, played by Kyle MacLachlan. “And not worry too much about what to call it.”

Giant Little Ones is in select theaters March 1. Watch the trailer in the video below.

0Homophobia and Teen Hormones Clash in Giant Little Ones Trailer

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