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Interview with Costume Designer Hayley Nebauer

<div class=”component prose”><strong>Doctor Who has a look like no other show in the world. And the clothes worn by the Doctor, his companions and the characters they meet all add to the visual impact of the Time Lord&rsquo;s adventures. Sometimes the costumes are overtly brilliant &ndash; eye-catching and instantly arresting. But often they subtly enhance the stories, revealing more about the characters than we may appreciate.</strong> Series 10’s brilliant Costume Designer was Hayley Nebauer and we’re delighted that Hayley agreed to discuss her work on Doctor Who, individual costumes and the advice she’d give to anyone hoping to become a Costume Designer… Q: Which was your favourite Series 10 costume for the Doctor? Hayley Nebauer: It was his costume from the start of episode 6 (Extremis) and episode 8 (The Lie of the Land), with the broken grey linen frock coat, I thought it summed him up well, quite rock ’n’roll, with a feel of the classic, historical-based Doctor’s tailoring that many of the Doctors have had, but like it had been on adventures around the universe and was quite representative of his character. <div class=”component”> <img src=”” class=”rsp-img” alt=”” data-img-src-68=”” data-img-src-176=”” data-img-src-208=”” data-img-src-304=””

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