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‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Post-Show Analysis: Season 1, Episode 6: ‘Star City 2046′

After a half-season of set-up in both Arrow and The Flash, it’s finally here: the CW’s latest super-show, Legends of Tomorrow. Featuring Arrow’s Atom and White Canary, as well as both halves of Firestorm, the Hawkpersons, and rogues Captain Cold and Heat Wave from The Flash, the show follows Rip Hunter and his team of misfits across time. Our longest-serving Arrow and Flash recappers, Matt Wilson and Dylan Todd, have joined forces to deliver our Legends of Tomorrow post-show analysis, Stuff of Legends. This week’s episode, “Star City 2046″ finds our heroes stranded in a desolate, future version of a city some of them call home. Things are not as they remember, to put it lightly. Steve Shill directed the episode and it was written by Marc Guggenheim and Ray Utarnachitt. Matt: Well, Dylan, they finally did it. They managed to get me to watch what amounted to two episodes of Arrow in a single week. The cast of the 34th season of the show is pretty different: We’ve got Deathstroke’s son, Diggle’s son, mopey old-age-makeup Ollie, and roaming gangs of criminals. Also, Star City is constantly on fire. What’d you think of this little trip to the Star City…

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