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Marvel’s Avengers Begin a ‘Battle of The Biceps’

The days of Captain America’s biceps ruling the Marvel Universe may be over, thanks to Marvel’s new Thor. That’s arguably the biggest reveal from the first Avengers: Infinity War trailer, which is saying something, considering the film will be uniting most of the MCU’s favorite names and faces for one massive battle. But when the hordes of Marvel fans the world over got their eyes on the footage, the REAL battle being waged became clear: has Captain America finally found the biceps to dethrone him as the MCU’s buffest? Knowing how deep loyalties run among superhero fans, even suggesting that Thor’s display of muscular fortitude could rival the emotion, the drama, and the bulging cotton of Steve Rogers could be tantamount to heresy. But knowing full well that a new Civil War might be sparked, we have no choice but to ask the important questions. Given how many hours of dieting and weight lifting went into producing these two shots, it would be wrong for us NOT to determine which is the most mouthwatering. RELATED: Avengers: Infinity War Trailer: 30 Moments Fans Missed Captain America No matter how much of a Chris Evans fan, Captain America fan, or simply a ‘fitness’ fan,

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