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Segun Akinola – Composer Q+A

We put Thirteen of your questions to our brilliant composer – Segun Akinola to get an insight into the music of Doctor Who. <div class=”component”> <img src=”” class=”rsp-img” alt=”” data-img-src-68=”” data-img-src-176=”” data-img-src-208=”” data-img-src-304=”” data-img-src-440=”” data-img-src-576=””/></div> <div class=”component prose”><p><strong>Do you have any advice for aspiring musicians? </strong> Work hard, be the very best you can be. Be friendly to everyone and always be kind. Put your work online, go out and meet people. Know everything you can about the business of music. Never forget your love of music and what got you started in the first place! Question asked by: @HarryGoodman and @JoeWorthy17. The new theme is very reminiscent of the original theme, is there a reason behind this? Absolutely! With this series we took the opportunity to take a fresh look at the music, including the theme and I was really keen to go back to the original theme and to use it as an integral part of the new arrangement. Question asked by: @CallanMac, @JollyMarcus, @DoctorDude90s, @EMS_productions, @roxitiger, @jeevanjohn20014, @DrWhoSpace and @sanmibor. Does the 13th Doctor have her own unique theme? Yes! The first time you hear it clearly in episode 1 is during

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