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Sssssix Cool Facts about the Ice Warriors!

<div class=”component prose”>The Ice Warriors are back in the new season Doctor Who &ndash; hurrah! To celebrate their return we&rsquo;ve pulled together 6 facts about the menacing Martians&hellip; Face Time
The Ice Warriors’ 2017 return is written by Mark Gatiss, who also wrote their comeback adventure, Cold War, back in 2013. In that story Mark was keen to explore the mysteries of the Martians and more than 40 years after they first appeared, the episode featured the first full reveal of an Ice Warrior’s face! You must enable javascript to play content Above: Bernard Bresslaw becoming the first Ice Warrior! <div class=”component prose”><p><strong>Carry On Doctor Who!</strong><br />The first Ice Warrior to feature in Doctor Who was played by <a href=”” target=”blank”>Bernard Bresslaw</a>, better known as one of the Carry On gang. Ironically, just before working on The Ice Warriors he&rsquo;d starred in Carry On Doctor!</p></div> <div class=”component”> <img src=”” class=”rsp-img” alt=”” data-img-src-68=”” data-img-src-176=”” data-img-src-208=”” data-img-src-304=”” data-img-src-440=”” data-img-src-576=””/></div> <div class=”component prose”><p><strong>The cold never bothered them, anyway&hellip;</strong><br />The Tenth Doctor never faced the Ice Warriors but he was obviously a big fan. In <a href=”″ target=”_blank”>The Waters of Mars</a>&nbsp;he described

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