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Steven Moffat Reveals How He Created the War Doctor

John Hurt in ‘The Day of the Doctor’ (Photo: BBC)

Before we start, to all Whovians everywhere, happy Doctor Who’s 52nd Anniversary Day! Doesn’t time fly, even if you don’t have a TARDIS? And on the topic of Whovian anniversaries, there’s a fascinating interview with Steven Moffat over on the Radio Times site today, in which he explains in some detail exactly how he came to write the story for “The Day of the Doctor,” in which he introduced the character of the War Doctor, as played by John Hurt. It seems that there were production issues that could have left him creating a script around just Clara Oswald (Jenna Coleman) alone, as Matt Smith and David Tennant were not yet under contract to appear. And even his grand idea of Clara and the Doctor whizzing back through the Doctor’s time line to undo the harm done by the Great Intelligence didn’t have a significant ending until quite late on in the planning stages. Steven explained: “I wrote ‘The Name of the Doctor,’ which built up to a punchline of the Doctor walking into his own timeline to rescue Clara. No idea what he’d find there. I just knew that…

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