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The Christmas Invasion… of Doctor Who Goodies!

This year’s Doctor Who Adventure Calendar kicks off today with a very special treat that gives you access to the ultimate Christmas box – the TARDIS! Simply visit the Adventure Calendar and click on Day One to begin your journey around the Doctor’s ‘frankly magnificent’ home. You’ll be able to move around and explore, and as it’s a time machine, you’re also able to pop back in time and revisit some of the Twelfth Doctor’s most memorable moments with clips and photos celebrating his era. But there’s more! The TARDIS will also be landing throughout the twittersphere during December with a festive Doctor Who emoji that’s triggered by using one or more of the following hashtags: #DoctorWho
#DWXmas To join in the fun and have the seasonal spaceship materialize in your messages, just get tweeting using one of the phrases above. In the weeks ahead the Adventure Calendar will be delivering a sleighful of goodies including must-see videos, pics, quizzes and other festive features, all looking forward to Twice Upon a Time, this year’s Christmas episode that sees the Doctor, the First Doctor and Bill join forces as the Time Lord approaches regeneration… We’ll be unlocking at least one new piece

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