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The Flash Adding a New Female Speedster – But Who?

WARNING: This article contains SPOILERS for The Flash Season 4 Episode 15

Another speedster is headed to CW’s The Flash, as the fastest woman alive. That’s the tease dropped in the latest episode of The Flash, when Barry Allen calls upon his speedster friends to save Central City in a single second. Even a handful of speedsters from DC’s TV Multiverse weren’t enough to save the day, but the real bombshell of the episode was the revelation that another future Flash is incoming from Earth-3. We don’t know this new Flash’s name, her origins, or her top speed. But if Jay Garrick is a man of his word, then Barry, Iris, Jesse, and the rest of Team Flash may have another ally before long. The question now becomes… which female speedster are The Flash‘s writers going to be adapting from DC Comics?

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The tease comes after the nuclear detonation threatening Central City is averted (thanks to Barry using that strange Season 3 finale lightning storm per Iris’s directions). Jay Garrick returns looking far better than when the Speed Force drained from him during the extended “Flash Time,” taking a bigger toll than

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