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The Malec Wedding Made ‘Shadowhunters’ Stans Everywhere Emotional AF

#Geek, #TV, #Entertainment, #Men, #Guys, Gay, #Bisexual#GeekIT FINALLY HAPPENED. 

#TV#Entertainment#Men#GuysGay#Bisexualshadowhunters-finale-malec-magnus-bane-alec-lightwood-harry-shum-jr-matthew-daddario.jpgRaffy ErmacAfter three years and three gloriously queer seasons, Freeform’s supernatural cult-favorite Shadowhunters came to an end last night.

While the finale was so, so bittersweet (we’d do anything to see more from the show!), one of the things we’ve been waiting for the most in the entire series finally happened: Magnus Bane and Alec Lightwood got married!!

Yup, one of our absolute fave ships in all of fandom finally tied the knot, and as expected, the fans went completely wild!

But the viewers weren’t the only ones chiming in! Heartthrobs Harry Shum Jr. and Matthew Daddario, the actors behind Malec, also took to Twitter to let fans know how grateful they are for the chance to play these awesome queer characters.

(I’m not crying, YOU are…)

In a world where most of our fave queer characters die untimely and extremely sad deaths, it’s nice to see two bois in love get their happy ending. The show might be over, but at least we can rewatch all our fave Malec moments over and over and over again to keep us going…

0The Malec Wedding Made Shadowhunters Stans Everywhere Emotional AF

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