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This Award-Winning Toy Turns Male Solo Play Up a Notch

#Shop, #Shopping, #Sex, #Men, #Guys, Gay, #Bisexual#ShopThe PULSE III Solo takes your private time to a whole new level. 

#Shopping#Sex#Men#GuysGay#Bisexualpulse-3-male-vibrator.jpgPRIDE ContributorThe Question: How are you supposed to kick back and relax after a long workday If you’re not a drinker and there’s nothing good on Netflix?

The Answer: Engage in the world’s oldest hobby — masturbation.

All you need is your hand, your penis and a sock if you want to be polite about it. But why settle for analog masturbation in a digital world? The PULSE III Solo is the world’s first Guybrator, and it uses state-of-the-art technology to get you off in a whole new way.

The PULSE III Solo is designed for male solo play. Its winged design wraps around your penis for a snug fit every time. Once you’ve got it on, you can pick from five stimulation modes with adjustable intensity. The toy’s PulsePlates deliver high-amplitude oscillations (instead of the low-amplitude vibrations used in most sex toys), creating a brand-new sensation for the most unique and powerful orgasm of your life.

You can use the PULSE III Solo with or without lubricant. With lubricant, it becomes a next-generation masturbator. Without lubricant, it becomes a static toy that delivers an earth-shattering orgasm. You can even use it while you’re flaccid for a game-changing play session.

The PULSE III Solo is the perfect solution for blowing off some steam at the end of a long day — and its groundbreaking technology is available right now for only $109.


PULSE III Solo: The World’s First Guybrator – $109

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0This Award-Winning Toy Turns Male Solo Play Up a Notch

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