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Thor Continues a ‘Radical Transformation’ in Infinity War

Off the back of the blockbusting success of Thor: Ragnarok, Anthony Russo promises that the God of Thunder will continue his “radical transformation” in Avengers: Infinity War. Since first picking up Mjolnir back in 2011, Chris Hemsworth has cemented Thor as an integral part of the MCU. Having played a major part of the first two Avengers movies and starred in three of his own solo movies, Thor is back once again with the rest of Earth’s mightiest heroes to tackle the Mad Titan Thanos in the upcoming Infinity War. While there are sure to be some major casualties in the next two Avengers movies, it’ss doubtful that Thor is going anywhere just yet. It looks like the MCU has some radical plans for Thor after Thanos is toppled and things move into Phase 4. Related: Rocket & Mantis Meet Thor in Avengers: Infinity War Image Ragnarok dealt some serious blows to Thor (and saw the destruction of his home), but it doesn’t sound like things are going to get any easier in the near future. The Russo brothers spoke to Marvel Studios Movies from the set of Infinity War, and it certainly sounds like Ragnarok is just the start of

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