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Tom Hardy Says Venom Movie is Based on ‘Lethal Protector’ Comics

Speaking at the Sao Paulo Comic Con Experience, Venom star Tom Hardy has finally confirmed longstanding rumors that the film will be inspired by the classic Lethal Protector comic book miniseries. Sony’s Venom is one of the more intriguing films due out next year. It’s the first of a proposed series of Spider-Man spinoffs, with each movie starring members of the webhead’s rogues’ gallery. It’s uncertain at this stage whether or not the movies will be part of the MCU, however, and fans have been wondering how you can possibly make Venom work without Spider-Man. The answer, according to Hardy, is by basing the film one of the most popular Venom stories of all time. Related: Venom Set Photos Teasing New Eddie Brock Backstory? Sao Paulo’s Comic Con Experience has essentially been the launch of Sony’s Venom marketing. It included a recorded message from Hardy, in which he promised fans he’d do the character justice. Intriguingly, according to Hardy also suggested the film would be “important” to the Marvel Universe. He went on to reveal that the movie would be inspired by 1993’s Lethal Protector miniseries. The approach makes sense. Lethal Protector reinvented the long-tongued symbiote for the ’90s.

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