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WATCH: Adele Announces European Tour with a Magic Wand

Adele’s ’25’ (Photo: XL Recordings)

Some pop and rock stars would not get away with the level of presentation ineptitude displayed in this video clip, but it does help when your comeback album is breaking records for first week sales and you’re known to be something of a live wire. That’ll get you a long way. So here’s Adele larking about in front of a map of Europe, announcing the countries in which she’ll be touring next year with a Harry Potter wand, making a bit of a mess of it, saying “hello” a lot, and swearing like a trooper. (Have no fear if tender ears are present, everything is bleeped beautifully): Details of the specific dates and ticket sales is available at Adele’s website. Now all we need is an actual weather forecast and we’re set. Note: Fear not, Adele fans, it’s inconceivable that she won’t be coming to tour in the U.S. at some point very soon, and when there’s an announcement to be made about that, it will undoubtedly be as much fun as this one. See more:
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Sir David…

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