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Watch as Flash Faces The Wrath of Savitar

If this were a typical superhero story, you might think that having not one, not two, but three heroes gathered in one place would make a villain less, not more bold. But in the world of The Flash, the superpowers at work, like the villains they battle, are anything but predictable. And Savitar is no ordinary villain (if you believe his own account of things, he’s the God of Speed incarnate). And after taking a bit of time away from The CW’s speedsters, he returned in a shocking conclusion to the latest episode. As the heroes took some time to enjoy their Valentine’s Day with loved ones – Barry Allen delighting fans with a marriage proposal to his beloved Iris, and Wally and Jesse expressing their love through… Big Belly Burger orders – the showrunners had something else in mind. One second Wally is rushing to grab …

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