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William Shatner Ends Twitter Standoff With Jason Isaacs

William Shatner and Jason Isaacs have apparently resolved their short lived Twitter standoff, much to the relief of Star Trek fans everywhere. Shatner, of course, is a cultural icon best known for playing Captain James T. Kirk of the USS Enterprise for three seasons on television (five if you count the Animated Series) before bringing the character to the big screen, where he starred in seven Trek movies. He’s a sci-fi legend if there ever was one. Isaacs, meanwhile, is a newcomer to the final frontier, having made his debut as Captain Gabriel Lorca on Star Trek: Discovery back in September. Related: Star Trek: Discovery – The Story So Far The pair found themselves in a highly illogical social media feud earlier this week, one that seemingly arose from a simple misunderstanding concerning a clickbait-y article headline. On Sunday, Isaacs announced on his Twitter account that he had been blocked by Shatner, though the cold shoulder treatment didn’t last long. Shatner unblocked his fellow Starfleet captain just two days later, announcing his change of heart with a cheeky reference to Isaac’s history playing Voldemort crony Lucius Malfoy. Check out their initial exchange below.

I’ve been blocked by @WilliamShatner. The unkindest cut of all. In what way have I broken the

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