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Zachary Levi Heads To Toronto To Start Work On Shazam!

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Zachary Levi is heading to Toronto to begin work on the DC superhero movie Shazam! Few could have anticipated how quickly this DCEU project has moved along, especially given its somewhat rocky start. Geoff Johns broke a lot of hearts when he announced that Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam wouldn’t be making an appearance. Shazam’s arch-nemesis had seemed like a shoe-in for the film, so fans were definitely feeling let down there. A few weeks later, Levi’s casting in the lead role proved to be a bit more divisive than DC had probably hoped it would be. The lukewarm reception to Justice League certainly didn’t help matters.

The production does appear to be progressing nicely, however, and the fast-tracked start date is definitely a positive sign. The film has been rounding out its cast in recent weeks, adding up-and-comers like Asher Angel and Cooper Andrews (The Walking Dead) to the proceedings in the last few weeks. Fellow fresh faces like Grace Fulton and Jack Dylan Grazer (IT) have also joined the cast in the last month. With industry veteran Mark Strong rumored to be playing the main villain, things are really coming together nicely for Shazam! 

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