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New Series News!

<div class=”component prose”>A new image for Doctor Who series 10 is released, ahead of a 60-second trailer for the series premiering on BBC One tonight (Monday, 13th March) during half-time of the FA Cup...


Sssssix Cool Facts about the Ice Warriors!

<div class=”component prose”>The Ice Warriors are back in the new season Doctor Who &ndash; hurrah! To celebrate their return we&rsquo;ve pulled together 6 facts about the menacing Martians&hellip; Face TimeThe Ice Warriors’ 2017 return...


Sir John Hurt: 1940 – 2017

<div class=”component prose”><strong>We&rsquo;re sad to report the death of the legendary Sir John Hurt who so brilliantly played the War Doctor.</strong> Sir John first appeared in Doctor Who at the close of The Name...


Ten Things We Know About Bill

<div class=”component prose”><h3>She&rsquo;s in for some incredible adventures&hellip;</h3> Okay. Let’s get the obvious one out of the way. She’s hopping aboard the TARDIS with the Doctor which means her life is about to become...


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