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Langford On Soaps: Brendan Is Accused of Sexual Assault on “Hollyoaks”


River City

That was really uncomfortable to watch. It’s so difficult to see Robbie clearly afraid of Will, wondering what will set him off and make Will go from holding him to hitting him. Will is acting like Robbie should just get over it and that some flowers will solve the problem without actually addressing it.

And it’s tough to see Robbie scramble to explain to his friends how he hurt himself and then have to fearfully make Will understand that he never told anyone what really happened. This situation has established a pattern at this point, everything is fine, Will loses his temper and hits Robbie, Will does something to make amends and things are peaceful… for awhile.

But now Robbie is obviously aware that Will’s abuse isn’t just a one off or a mistake, but something that could happen at any moment and probably will. Of course, the obvious answer is for Robbie to leave, but there wouldn’t be much of a story if he did that. The question is what is it going to take for Robbie to say enough is enough and walk out? I think first they need to actually address it and if Will is receptive to getting help, then maybe this marriage can be saved (though I personally could never stay with someone who was abusive even one time). My guess is that the show will eventually take the rehabilitation route with Will.

I am curious as to the response from the viewers where this show airs or what kind of ratings the show gets. I can’t think of a nighttime drama that so heavily focused on gay characters for such an extended period of time in such prominent story.

Holby City

I didn’t care much for the medical story this past week. If the show wanted to depict a US citizen from the South, perhaps they should have tried an American actress or maybe one whose UK accent didn’t slip from time to time. The politician came off as a caricature rather than a real person. I saw more than one commenter say that she couldn’t have been a real US conservative given her ‘liberal’ views on gays and minorities. Heh.

I’m glad the show finally has given Malick a love interest and I totally understand why he would be reluctant to broadcast their relationship to their co-workers. It had nothing to do with his being gay or having issues about that. That was very realistic to me. I also liked the scene where Malick admitted that he wanted a future with Nathan, but wasn’t good at relationships and was afraid he’d mess things up.. We don’t often see Malick emotionally vulnerable so that was a nice moment for the character.

Do Malick and Nathan have a future?

But my problem with this relationship is that we haven’t seen much of it develop on screen. Malick and Nathan met on the New Year’s Episode and when we saw them a few episodes later we learned they’d been dating secretly. Then the show has had them in a scene or two here and there until this past week, when their relationship was revealed to everyone. I would have liked to have seen the pairing develop, not hear about it after they’re already a couple. And, while he and Nathan are fine together, I thought Malick had far more chemistry with the departed Dr. Dan.


Hmmm…. I hope that this Ralphie guy doesn’t come after Chris. He’s already been bashed and I’d hate to see it happen again, even though when he was attacked the first time it had nothing to do with his being gay. But I’m just wondering how he’s going to get out of this. Frankly, I’m wondering why Lucas isn’t concerned that Ralphie might take his money out of Chris’ hide given his own experiences dealing with the dark side of life.

I did like that Lucas didn’t fire Chris even though he deserved it. Like Lucas said, he’s done much worse and screwed up far more than Chris has during his drinking and gambling days so he understood how this could happen. I’ve always liked the mentor relationship between Chris and Lucas so it was nice seeing Lucas play that role in Chris’ life. I’m wondering how this story is going to wrap up and it is going to be over soon now that Chris has a romantic interest coming in the next week or so. I was worried that Chris would get lost on the shuffle of new characters and cast changes. It’s good that the show is still writing for this very appealing character.

People of the Valley

I still don’t believe that Iolo would run Gethin down and flee the scene of the crime, but I’m enjoying the story that is resulting from it. As I’ve said before, I’m so glad to see Iolo finally getting a storyline and some decent screen time and Dyfan Rees is doing good work. But what I’m loving even more is the family dynamics that are coming into play between Britt, Garry and Sion. It’s pretty obvious that Sion can barely resist turning Iolo in himself or dragging him down to the police station by the ear, as he is such a ‘follow the rules’ kind of guy. It’s spot on writing that he is cutting Iolo no slack, even though it’s clear he loves his son desperately.

I think my favorite moment though was when Garry and Britt nearly started to laugh when Sion said that Iolo should turn himself in, calling him naive and stupid. But while that may be humorous, Sion is probably right when he says that Iolo is only going to make things much worse on himself the longer he keeps quiet. And this being People of the Valley, where grimness, darkness and unhappiness reign supreme, it’s not going to turn out well for Iolo, I’m sure of that. In fact, Iolo’s fears of what might happen to him if he were to go to jail make me very uneasy about where POTV is going to take this story.


Did I love the scenes between John Paul and Doug? Yes, I certainly did. It was a no-brainer that the show would pair these two, but I was afraid that they may not have chemistry. Thankfully they did. PJ Brennan and James Sutton were so charming and engaging, it was fun watching them interact and flirt with each other. They are so awkward and cute and endearingly bumbling with each other. I’m looking forward to their eventual romance, even though it’s bound to be fraught with drama and angst and darkness — which is to be expected in Hollyoaks. For now, I hope the show keeps it romantic and light as they get to know each other. And let’s not have Doug jump over anymore oil spills, shall we? That was just ridiculous.

I could have done without JP using the Career Day to make a fool of Ste though. JP is supposed to be the adult and a teacher. That’s the type of behavior that should be discouraged in class, especially in a school with a bullying problem. And Ste being jealous of JP because he slept with Brendan? Please. Grow up. If I recall correctly, Brendan was single then and Ste was married to Doug.

I really don’t like this petty, jealous, bratty person Ste has become. Hard to believe he was this mature young man with his act together a few months ago. I just don’t like the show returning Ste to his ‘roots’. He’s just not entertaining to watch. And he and Brendan’s relationship has gotten repetitive. They fight, they make up, they kiss, they fight, they make up, they kiss. Brendan nearly punches Ste, throws a glass at him, leaves town for some dumb reason and they do it all over again when he returns. So boring. And this is an epic love story?

And why does Ste continues to delude himself that he can have both Brendan and his kids? Amy will never change her mind on that score, nor should she. Worse Brendan continues to dish out that fantasy when he admitted himself those kids would be in danger around him. Moreover, this Daddy Brendan and happy families business is all wrong for this couple. It’s also really dull.

It’s rinse, wash, repeat with Brendan and Ste…

What happened to Brendan’s ongoing war with his father? The show spent so much time on that story and then just seem to have dropped it. Why is Seamus having pointless scenes with Darren? We don’t see him with Brendan or Cheryl for that matter. And Brendan isn’t afraid his father isn’t targeting other children in the village? He seemed concerned about it at one time. Why not now? I just think the focus of the story is all wrong. If they have to have Ste and Brendan together fine, but the emphasis should be on Brendan dealing with his abusive history. I’m just afraid with Walker in town and his machinations, that is going to be the short shrift before Brendan makes his soon to be exit.

I’m wondering how far Kevin would have gone with Brendan. The show hasn’t said whether he’s gay, straight or bi-sexual (my money is that he’s straight), but like Walker, it seems he’s willing to have sex with a man if it gets him what he wants. Too bad Brendan didn’t go for it, Kevin is pretty hot. But that Brendan is history, sadly enough. One thing I liked about the old Brendan was his unapologetic and somewhat sleazy sexual appetites.

I think my favorite scenes of the week were the ‘gay night’ at the pub. I really like Jen and John Paul’s relationship. They have great chemistry, but I can’t imagine Jen being around much longer once the truth about what she did with Tilly is revealed. I loved George’s commentary. He’s such an engaging character and I hope the show gives him some story love soon. Jack’s clueless involvement in those scenes were hilarious, especially him asking the ‘footy’ players what their favorite position was.

Days of Our Lives

Nick taking on Sami? This won’t go well — for Nick. Surely he can’t think it’s a good idea to go after Sami. She’s eaten bigger foes than him for a snack. But it should be interesting at any rate. I know we’re supposed to ‘hate’ Nick, but I find him to be an interesting character and I want to see where the show goes with him once his prison past comes back to haunt him. I pray the show doesn’t take the predictable route with him having been raped in jail to explain everything. But with his former cellmate coming to track him down, perhaps it’s more than that. Still though Nick is probably the most compelling and dynamic character in this storyline, which is unfortunate when you’ve got two gay characters in the mix.

Messing with Sami is never a good thing, Nick!

I did love the scenes with Julie and Sami, with Sami commenting that ‘Julie hasn’t had a paternity test since Nixon was in office’. HA! But I do agree that Gabi shouldn’t submit to any test unless it’s safe for the child, no matter what Sami wants. I wonder if viewers are watching the same show I am though. I keep reading that Gabi is hesitant about getting the paternity test because she knows Will isn’t the father, but that’s not the case.

Since the minute she got pregnant, Gabi has known and said Will was the dad. She’s just afraid that the test will be used so Will can take the child away from her — fears that Nick is feeding into. Sure, the show could change the child’s paternity anytime they want, but Will is the dad, paternity test or no,t as of this writing. Besides, there is too much story with Will as the father of that baby. The dramas practically write themselves. And on Days with its predictable stories, they usually do.

I did like the drama surrounding Gabi going into labor with everyone turning in some good work for those scenes. Chandler Massey was particularly fine, especially in his scenes with Alison Sweeney and Galen Gering. It was nice that Sonny showed up to be there for Will, but it was funny he didn’t take his apron off before leaving the coffee shop. And I know that religion and faith has become part of this show, especially with the sexy Father Eric in town, but I thought it was strange that Gabi would ask her doctors to pray with her when she’s got her family and friends right outside.

Speaking of Father Eric, I think the growing relationship with him and Nicole has juicy potential. Though to be honest, I’d like to see Eric be tempted, maybe even have an affair, but ultimately remain a priest. Soaps used to have such characters, and I miss that. But I can understand why the show would want to take advantage of their chemistry and keep Eric open to romantic stories. All I can hope is the show takes it slowly and doesn’t rush the eventual relationship.

Couldn’t the show come up with a better story for Abby than one centering around her virginity and whether Chad or Cameron get there first? Part of the problem with this story is that I remember Abby when she schemed and plotted to seduce Austin to point of making him think they had sex in hopes they really would. That doesn’t quite mesh with what they are doing with Abby now. But a bigger problem is that it’s boring and Abby has no chemistry with either Chad or Cameron. The show seems completely lost on what to do with Chad since Melanie left (not that I miss that her one bit) and this new Cameron is about as dull as the old one. I’m still baffled why they recast this non-character rather than cutting him loose.

Kate Mansi is a nice little actress and the show is completely wasting her in this bad story. If the show can center a watchable story around a weak actress like Camila Banus, surely they can give something meaty to a talented one like Ms. Mansi. They can start by dumping both Cameron and Chad. They’ve outlived their usefulness in Salem, which was limited to begin with. On the other hand, they could keep Chad around for a love/hate that turns to love story with Gabi once Nick goes nuts (which is bound to happen) and gets written off. Chad and Gabi do have chemistry. As for Abby, I don’t know what they could do with her. But this dull triangle with Chad and Cameron is not it.

So Sonny is about to take Will back. Yay?

And well, here we go, Will and Sonny are headed back together. Oh well, it was going to happen soon or later. I’d like to think that they’ll be a more interesting duo than they have been the past, but I guess, at least for me, it’s so much wishful thinking. At least the show is writing them like they would any other soap couple with romantic scenes and all. So I guess I’ll be grateful for that. But if I could get some real chemistry, some heat, some passion and some fire between these two I’d be that much more grateful. And I’ll leave it at that, for this week anyway.

Secret Lives

Gee, is it any surprise that Ida was the one who posted those pictures all over the school? I saw that plot ‘twist’ coming a mile away. It’s just the kind of thing a mean-spirited girl like her would do. My problem is that Elias and his friends so quickly dismissed the idea that she was responsible, given her history. I still don’t understand why she and Elias are supposedly friends in the first place. The girl is simply not a nice person. And the scenes where she ‘forgave’ Elias all the while knowing what she did made me ill. But then, Elias has terrible taste in the people he chooses to get close to — like for example Lari. I hope she’s caught soon and made to suffer for what she’s done.

I do feel bad for Lari. No one deserves to be outed, especially the way it was done and it’s obvious the next story arc will be the clichéd gay bashing sequence. You just can’t seem to tell a coming out story without one. I also imagine it won’t be pretty once Lari’s father finds out his only son is gay. It would be nice if the show surprised us by having his dad be supportive and loving, but that wouldn’t be dramatic enough I suppose.

I do wish Elias would let go of this dream that he and Lari can work it out and be together. I just don’t see a happy ending for them and from what I’ve watched so far, all Lari has done is make Elias miserable. Perhaps it’s time for him to move on. But then, sadly, that’s highly unlikely as well.


Is Chris ready to be behind the wheel of a car again?

Neighbours — Chris is desperate to find a way out of the mess he made of Lucas’ business and newcomer Mason has the solution. However, Mason’s price for coming to Chris’ rescue might be more than Chris can afford. Later, Chris finally gets his license back, but with his having flashbacks to the night of the accident, is he ready to get behind the wheel?

Will Nick’s blackmail scheme work?

Days of Our Lives — After reading Will’s Valentine’s Day card, and a chat with Will, Sonny forgives Will and the couple reunite, but not before Will shares his last secret, that he shot EJ. That doesn’t seem to bother Sonny though and he and Will have sex. Nick interrupts the reunion to tell Will to give up his parental rights or he’ll turn him in for shooting DiMera. Will is afraid he’ll have to give in to Nick’s demands, but instead decides to go to the police and turn himself in. However, Sonny and Lucas stop him. But what is Will going to do? Meanwhile, Sami plots to use Gabi’s past to help Will get custody and Gabi picks a name for her unborn daughter.

Is Will going to lose his badge?

River City — Will is about to face a hearing for his assault on the man who beat up his father, but since there’s no evidence, the charges are dropped. However, he could still be fired for his actions. Robbie tries to make Will see the bright side of things, certain things will work out. When it looks as if Internal Affairs wants to use Will to get information on DCI Donald’s suspicious activities, DCI Donald tells Will he’ll help him keep his badge as long as Will keeps quiet about what he knows. Back home, Edward warns Robbie that things might not go in Will’s favor and he should prepare himself for the worst.

Secret Lives — Lari and Elias deal with the repercussions of Lari’s being outed. Lari returns to train for making the hockey team, but his teammates aren’t too happy about Lari being gay. Lari is beaten up by the other players and left bleeding and hurt in the locker room. Elias finds him and wants Lari to report the incident to the police. But Lari refuses and insists that Elias keep what happened a secret.

Kevin accuses Brendan of sexual assault…

Hollyoaks — Ste and Brendan are happier than… well, than the last episode and the two discuss getting married. But isn’t Ste already married? Or perhaps the show has forgotten that? Speaking of Ste’s first husband, Doug goes on his first date with John Paul and the two get along splendidly, until the past puts a downer on their evening. They make up though, but when Doug tries to kiss JP, John Paul admits he’s not over Craig and needs to take things slowly.

Later, Kevin plots to manipulate Brendan by claiming that his uncle raped him as a child. Brendan is sympathetic and hugs Kevin, a moment that Ste sees, which creates some jealousy. Brendan later learns that Kevin lied about the incident and lashes out at him. Brendan stops himself before it gets too far. But when Walker finds out what’s happened, he finishes the job Brendan started, beating him badly, then orders Kevin to go the police and claim Brendan sexually attacked him.

Brendan is arrested and charged with the crime, leaving Ste to wonder if Brendan is guilty or not. Kevin begins to fear he’s gotten in too deep with Walker and plans on getting out of town before Walker eventually turns on him. But when Kevin realizes that Walker plans on killing Maxine, who could reveal his presence in town, he discovers he can’t leave the innocent young woman to a certain death.

Can Iolo deal with the guilt?

People of the Valley Iolo is trying to get past his having run over Gethin in his car, but Sion continues to pressure Iolo to come forward and confess to what he’s done. On the other end, Britt and Garry have made certain there is no evidence that could lead back to Iolo. Because of that, Iolo begins to think maybe he’ll be able to live with his crime. But after a visit to the hospital to check in on Gethin, Iolo is hit by the gravity of his actions.

No news for you this week, so that’s it for this edition of Langford on Soaps. See you next time!

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