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About the Mild Mannered Man A guy just spouting forth what ever takes his fancy

Mild Mannered Man

Just Me.

A few things about little old me…

I’m a gay guy on the wrong side of 35 and have suddenly found myself as a statistic of the unemployment figures; the economic crash has caught up with me at last and as such I was redundant. So, to help ease the mind-crushing boredom of looking for work, I have decided to put down in words my random musings on this mad, wonderful, frightening and beautiful world I find myself living.

First and foremost, I do have to state that I will be putting a lot of great content, from other sources, into this blog site; things that I find interesting and I do tend to muse over. Though I do admit that most of the content has been harvest from fun and interesting websites that I enjoy reading and give me cause to ‘muse’; and I hope you, my growing audience, enjoy reading the snippets of news, or reviews from the world of ‘Geekdome’, not forgetting the slight spattering of ‘ChezGay’ I throw into the mix, (sums up my being, perfectly). But the point of this blog is to get me writing and expressing my own thoughts on the ‘musings’ I found interesting or annoying. This blog is also a way for me to practice and help develop what, in my own unique modesty, be a flare for writing. A flare which I’m starting to realise, at my cost and time, takes a bit of talent and a lot of patience.  To this vein, I’m making a promise to my self that in the cornucopia of delights I ‘incorporate’ from various sites; sites like ScreenRant.comTheBacklot.comPinkNews.co.uk and not forgetting my two passions StarTrek.com and BBC.co.uk/DoctorWho, I will attempt to throw a spattering of my own personal insights on the various articles and news snippets I shamelessly share.

Here you will find out that I have a passing love of most things Sci-Fi, namely Doctor Who and Star Trek, also comics, and a few smatterings of gay news stories and articles that have piqued my interest of tickled my fancy, but also my take on some of the little things in life that either irritate me, or I find fascinating. Things that, not given the correct and creative outlet, will build up inside of me till I implode with frustration or explode from excitement. It’s all about managing the release, or so I’ve been told.

I hope you will find these musings in the vein as I intend them, that they offer an insight to a slightly eccentric, and not so daft life that I find myself struggling to make a bit of sense each day.

So pull up a chair, sit back and enjoy the musings of a mild-mannered man…