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O.M.G. I am so fangirling right now!

O.M.G. I am so fangirling right now! I just can’t. It’s so asfdghjk….


Okay, okay. I’ve not gone mad, or not more than usual. There is an explanation, of sorts.

For the past few months, whilst being gainfully unemployed, I have found that there is much in the way of wondersous delights found upon a little known site called YouTube. I understand that I have written about this before in a previous blog postSlowly going a bit YouTube mad – but I thought I’d take this time to express a bit more of the shear and utter joy that I have experienced in spending most of my waking moments, just lately, on this site.

In my earlier blog post I mainly spoke about a couple of guys I had spotted, quite by accident, who are all young, cute, and in an unusually erotic way, quite innocent. It was as if these young darlings of the YouTube had just finished learning to walk and were taking some tentative steps into a vast creative pool of delights. Now I understand this analogy, if it is such, is wholly inaccurate of the behemoths of talent that is Alfie, Marcus, Zoe, Joe, Jack and Finn. They are brilliant and a joy for this middle-aged perv to watch – oh and I have watched way too much of their fun videos, it’s almost embarrassing – but I have realised that their videos are mainly targeted at the 14 – 17yr old, normally girls, group. And no matter how hard I try to prove it to myself; I’ll never be one of them.

After overdosing slightly on their obsessive 1D fascination, I began to dig around a bit for other videos and group of YouTubers that were more targeted to my demographic; that being of an overweight, unemployed, mid-thirties gay guy. Now, I enjoy porn like most people and occasionally I’ll spend time adoring young twinks dancing around in their pants while suggestively simulating what they would do to a banana shaped member, but there is a limit, and though I may not show it sometimes I do have standards. And while mindlessly killing other people in virtual worlds with a rifle or automatic pistol is some people’s idea of releasing pent-up aggression after a difficult day at work, I’m not a COD, or MW4 kind of guy. These were the only choice in videos I could find on YouTube that were in any way targeted at my particular demographic.

So I went back to my old faithful of Alfie and crew, and while again trolling through some of their old videos I found one of JacksGap videos that featured someone, who, if I’m honest I had heard of but not bothered to check out, and that was Danisnotonfire, or Dan Howells. It was their ‘Twin Telepathy’ video and it featured Dan conducting ‘experiments’ to see if there was any truth to the common assumption that twins are telepathic. Now, I adore the Harries Twins and their unbelievable good looks and cheeky humour but what struck me the most in this video was the cynicism and sassy quips coming from Dan. Here was a quite interesting guy that took no-nonsense, said it as it was and had my sense of humour; I had to know more. At the end of the video was a link to a video on Dan’s channel where the Twins learnt to speak ‘Internet‘ and after clicking on this link I had found my YouTube Nirvana!

Danisnotonfire and AmazingPhil, they were a revelation.

Danisnotonfire & AmazingPhil

Danisnotonfire & AmazingPhil

I have said it before, and I’ll say it again, I know I am coming late to this party and there is no need for me to take my coat off as the party will be over soon, but I have to express my wonderment and joyfulness at finding these two darling, fabulous and brilliant guys.

Dan and Phil are two friends who, like my previous obsession with Alfie and co, make videos on many and varying topics, but what makes these guys just that slightly bit different is the no-nonsense, tell it straight and quirky delivery. They have an inbuilt cynicism and bullshit meter, especially with Dan, that kicks in throughout their videos and, strange as this may seem, they have a darling ‘who cares’ attitude to make their videos as funny and daft as they want. And to top it all off, they enjoy the same geek chic as me while being 10 – 15yrs younger; it’s as though they are helping me to stay young and not accept my impending middle age.

But they are not the only ones who open my innocent eyes. From finding these two, like a blossoming flower that had just been picked I shown cornucopia of delights from Nerimon to Crabsticks, OMFGitsJack&Dean to KickthePJ, ElliotExplicit to Ninebrassmonkeys, and from TomSKA to Charlieiscoollike. These guys with their massive creativity and interesting intellects have cornered a large plane of, if not the YouTube multiverse, then my universe and heart – the part of my universe that’s not been corrupted with all the simulated grinding from twinks over misshaped vegetables.

The best Youtubers out ther

The best Youtubers out there

But getting back to why I was all ‘ermhagerd’ at the beginning of this post, I have just had one of the best twitter experiences in the last four years of using the micro-blogging site. It was an experience that, after starting two days ago, came to ahead this evening. I have used twitter for a few years, and though I sort of ‘get it’, and spend more time on it that Facebook, Tumblr or Instagram joined, I have never really managed to Twitter to work as I see many other people do. I understand it’s a way to share interesting, and not so interesting snippets of the internet, and have conversations with like-minded people, but I have never managed to successfully get a reply, or conversation going, from anyone on there, not unless it’s some bot correcting my grammar or trying to offer me medical advice. And to be honest I was starting to think about coming away from the site.

That was until this happened.

Amazing Phil

And then this!


I know and I get that it was just a little reply to a tweet. In the scheme of many things this is not much to get all excited about. But I have to state that after feeling very low and depressed for the past few weeks, getting a tweet from Phil, then Dan, whose videos have been the main reason for getting up each day, and, through these videos, giving me the motivation to say “sod it all, let’s take this to the next level, bitch!”, I did have a wonderful fangirl moment. Pathetic, you will say, coming from a mid-thirties guy, but in all honestly, who gives a shit.

So, if by any chance Dan and Phil you happen to read this blog post, I’d like to say thank you so much. Getting your tweets has put a spring in an old guys step and has given me the gumption to use the time in which I find myself, due to the temporary absence of work, in a more positive and creative way.

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  1. jarednadin says:

    I stumbled onto your blog today (during my usual late night internettings) through a somewhat fruitless google search into Alfie’s record attempts and i must say, I was thouroughly entertained by your honesty, wit and charm and intend to spend the next while shamelessly stalking your musings, i hope you don’t mind 🙂

    • paulturner76 says:

      That’s is perfectly fine, stalk away to your hearts content! After a quick skim through your ramblings I may have to return in kind, you yourself have a deprecating and wonderful wit that comes across well in your writings. I look forward to following, and stalking, in return… Paul

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