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Liveblogging “Days of Our Lives:” Harshing The Glow 0

Liveblogging “Days of Our Lives:” Harshing The Glow

Nick rudely interrupts the post-reunion bliss of Will and Sonny. What does this fool want now? Join us at 1 PM ET to find out! Just as I expected … this showed up almost...



Torchwood – Series 1 Having spent most of last night and today suffering from a server bout of toothache, I decided to help distract the pain by watching one of my favourite television series...


Torchwood – quotes

Ianto Jones: If… you’re interested, I’ve still got that stopwatch. Captain Jack Harkness: So? Ianto Jones: Well. Think about it. Lots of things you can do with a stopwatch. Captain Jack Harkness: Oh. Yeah!...


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