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Batman & Superman Ranked Worst in Justice League Test Screenings

<!–[if IE 9]>< <![endif]–> <!–[if IE 9]>< <![endif]–> Batman and Superman ranked worst with audiences during test screenings for&Acirc;&nbsp;<a href=””><em><strong>Justice League</strong></em></a>, while Wonder Woman and Aquaman tested much higher. The issues with <em>Justice League</em>...


Creepshow TV Show Adapting Stephen King’s Disturbing Story Survivor Type

<!–[if IE 9]>< <![endif]–> <!–[if IE 9]>< <![endif]–> Shudder’s <a href=””><strong><em>Creepshow</em></strong></a> anthology TV&Acirc;&nbsp;show will reportedly adapt Stephen King’s disturbing short story “Survivor Type,” from his 1985 collection <em>Skeleton Crew</em>. King is involved in developing...


gen:LOCK Trailer Teases Rooster Teeth Anime Starring Michael B. Jordan

<!–[if IE 9]>< <![endif]–> <!–[if IE 9]>< <![endif]–> Rooster Teeth releases the first full trailer for their anime-infused series <a href=””><strong><em>gen:LOCK</em></strong></a>. The series was teased during a recent airing of their hit anime show...


WB Chairman: DC More Focused on Directors Than Marvel Shared Universe

<!–[if IE 9]>< <![endif]–> <!–[if IE 9]>< <![endif]–> The future of&Acirc;&nbsp;<a href=””><strong>DC</strong></a> movies&Acirc;&nbsp;will be director-driven instead of attempting to copy the Marvel Cinematic Universe and shared universes. Warner Bros. put a larger focus on...


Mission: Impossible Sequels May Bring Back Henry Cavill & Alec Baldwin

<!–[if IE 9]>< <![endif]–> <!–[if IE 9]>< <![endif]–> <strong>WARNING: Spoilers for&Acirc;&nbsp;<em>Mission: Impossible – Fallout</em></strong> Henry Cavill and Alec Baldwin may&Acirc;&nbsp;return for&Acirc;&nbsp;<strong><em><a href=””>Mission: Impossible 7</a>&Acirc;&nbsp;</em></strong>and&Acirc;&nbsp;<a href=””><strong><em>Mission: Impossible 8</em></strong></a>&Acirc;&nbsp;through flashbacks. The long-running Tom Cruise action franchise...


Arrow Is Doing A Birds Of Prey Episode With Laurel Lance

<!–[if IE 9]>< <![endif]–> <!–[if IE 9]>< <![endif]–> <em><strong><a href=””>Arrow</a>&Acirc;&nbsp;</strong></em>is staging a Birds of Prey episode&Acirc;&nbsp;featuring Laurel Lance&Acirc;&nbsp;(aka The Black Siren). The Black Siren is the second character that series regular Katie Cassidy has...


Jon Bernthal Has Made Peace With The Punisher’s Possible Cancellation

<!–[if IE 9]>< <![endif]–> <!–[if IE 9]>< <![endif]–> <p class=”p1″>Fans may not be&Acirc;&nbsp;OK with&Acirc;&nbsp;<a href=””><strong>The Punisher<em>&acirc;&euro;&trade;s</em></strong></a>&Acirc;&nbsp;seemingly imminent cancellation, but Jon Bernthal has already&Acirc;&nbsp;made peace with it. The actor made his debut as Frank Castle...


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