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Pluto Moon Named… Vulcan, Logically

When the SETI Institute issued suggested names for the two recently discovered moons of Pluto, to be voted upon by the public, Vulcan was not on the list. It was added after William Shatner suggested it, and Leonard Nimoy soon tweeted, “‘Vulcan’ is the logical choice. LLAP.'” Sure enough, bolstered by the support of the two Star Trek legends, Vulcan went on to win by a landslide. As Shatner proudly tweeted on Monday, “174,062 votes and Vulcan came out on top of the voting for the naming of Pluto’s moons. Thank you to all who voted! MBB.” Vulcan notched more than a third of the votes, as 450,000-plus people picked from a total of 21 options. The runner-up was Cerebrus, which came in just shy of 100,000 votes.
On Tuesday, Nimoy took to Twitter again. “I hear my Vulcan people have a new home. True? LLAP.” True, indeed.

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