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BBC Children in Need

BBC Television Centre on Children in Need nigh...

BBC Television Centre on Children in Need night. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So tonight is the night, BBC Television’s biggest night of the year.

And this year tonight will have extra connotations, what with the engulfing ‘Savile Scandal’ over child sexual abuse claims.

This will be a night, like it is each year, where the BBC displays what it does best. What, for the last 23 years it has striven, to try and  make a difference for the lives of children across the UK who need help. Children who suffer abuse and applaing lives, through no fault of their own. The charities, funded and supported by the Children In Need appeal, work so hard to make the lives better and improve living quality for thousands of disadvantaged and abused children.

I know there are some people say they have lost trust in the BBC, they are concerned over failings at the beeb with certain people and celebrities accused of the most disgusting and horrific crimes that can be commited to the most vunrable section of over society.

I would just like to say, please do not let a small number of people, who have committed the worse crimes, ruin the great work and continuing help the vast majority of the BBC and it’s associated charities do throughout the year, and give generously tonight and show your support for a great British institution that, though marred by a few people, try hard to improve the lot of many children and young adults.

BBC – BBC Children in Need.

The old Pudsey bear and logo, used from 1985 t...

The old Pudsey bear and logo, used from 1985 to 2007 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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