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BBC Two – The Hour

BBC Two – The Hour.

I am thrilled to see this show back on telly. The first series was such addictive viewing. With the feel and interweaving strands, set in the 1950’s, it was our take on Mad Men. Not the glitz and glam as post war America, but the harsh realism of down trodden Britain. Then through in the BBC, at the start of it’s defining decade with the start of investigative journalism, add a bit of romance, office rivalry and the specter of the spies and the cold war. Well you couldn’t ask for a more interesting story.

So after the first critically acclaimed series, we have the start of the second one. And what better timing it was to be broadcast in the week we have ‘Crisis at the BBC’ over Newsnight? Not sure they could have planned it better.

The feel and style is still there, the mood has not been diminished, nor has the great writing and brilliant cast. I have always enjoyed a show that not only is a delight for the eyes but offers a buffet for the ears, and the crackling dialogue between the cast is so much fun. Ben Whishaw is just stand out for me, and his character Freddie is just a joy to watch, especially with Bel and Hecter.

Español: El actor británico Ben Whishaw

Ben Whishaw (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This episode has laid the ground work for a strong storyline that I feel will twist and turn in many unexpected ways, but it will be the three main characters that will draw you in and hopefully keep you hooked.

I highly recommend watching the first series to refresh yourself with the previous plot points and then settling back to see the unfolding twists this series has to offer.

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