Coca‑Cola Christmas Advert : Holidays Are Coming : – Coca-Cola GB – Musings Of A Mild Mannered Man

Coca‑Cola Christmas Advert : Holidays Are Coming : – Coca-Cola GB

Coca‑Cola Christmas Advert : Holidays Are Coming : – Coca-Cola GB.


As I’ve just found out, the Coco-Cola Christmas Advert will be on ITV1 this weekend during X Factor, and as such, for many people, this means the start of Christmas.

It means the start of Christmas for our family.

We are a family that is very much into it traditions and watching the Holidays Are Coming advert has meant us kids can now get excited about Christmas; time to organise the decorations, plan shopping trips and start the baking.

There is only one problem this year. Like with some many other companies, Christmas promotions have started too early. I enjoy the lights in the shop windows, the smell of ginger and cinnamon in the air, the feel of good will that normally comes into everyone’s heart, but I don’t need it to last 6 and a half weeks! By the time the big day arrives, I feel I’ll be a sick as a dog over the build-up to Christmas, to have had all the crass commercialism shoved down my throat that I’ll find the day such a let down. Could this advert, and just this one, have been left to the beginning of December, to have the real impact of the Holidays Are Coming? Play all the other adverts, the marvellous M&S one, John Lewis’ sentimental and heart-warming advert and the thousands upon thousands of perfume adverts, but leave the one advert, the one that so many children and parents have come to associate with Christmas, until it is the correct and decent time to show this advert, the time when everyone will be wanting some festive cheer and happiness that this wonderful advert can bring.

It’s not as if Coca-Cola will suffer this year from lack of Coke sales.

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