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BBC Two – Dara O Briain’s Science Club – Einstein

Another fun and interesting take on a field of science, this week it was about particle physics, and the father of them all Albert Einstein.

I really enjoyed this one, due to the fact I have a passing interest in particle physic and all that space/time theory. I also found the idea of vacuum energy from professor Jim al-Khalili quite an eye opener, that this could be the best candidate for ‘dark energy’ fascinating. That the universe could end up tearing itself apart was not something I had heard of before. I had heard of gravity waves, though how they are being looked for is quite simple really, though I don’t think that we will detect them any time soon, as even though they must be waves of gravity travelling through space, they are so minute that I feel we would not be able to detect them on the earth.

I was a bit surprised by the random clip of the man looking for Einstein’s brain, not sure what that was supposed to impart. But overall a thoroughly great second episode.

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  1. Ali Green says:

    Really good telly, Dara’s a favourite of mine, never new he was a mathematician!!

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