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Strictly Come Dancing

strictlyBBC One – Strictly Come Dancing.

Wow, just wow. What a great show Strictly Come Dancing was tonight!

I have now watched each series of Strictly from when it first came on our screens back in 2004, and each year the series gets better. This year is just the best ever. The dance routines have gotten more complex and beautiful to watch, which each celebrity has attacked with passion and gusto.

And for once, this series has some cracking dancers on it.

There is not the daft characters as in previous years, no Russell Grant, John Sargent or Ann Widdecombe, which I think this year was for the best. They were funny to watch and great to see them annoy the judges with the viewers keeping them in, but like X Factor, these novelty dancers were causing some of the better talented dancers to get knocked out at the early stages. Not this year, not by a long shot.

The celebrity dancers this year have all just thrown themselves into the show, and none more so than the last 7 on tonight’s show.

Kimberley and Pasha kicked off the show with a wonderful Jive to ‘Land Of 1000 Dances’ by Wilson Pickett, though I did think this was not her best dance, Kimberley did a fantastic job. This was then followed by Dani & Vincent doing a Viennese Waltz to ‘That’s Amore’ by Dean Martin. This was just so beautiful, unbelievably beautiful. I can not express enough superlatives to do this dance, and the dancers, credit. The judges keep saying Dani is the dark horse of this show, and I have to say after the past three weeks I do agree with them.

After Dani the came Michael & Natalie doing the Samba to ‘Tequila’ by The Champs. Now, the dance itself was not great, as I’m sure Michael and Natalie realise; the Latin dances are just not suitable for Michael. But what was wonderful was the judges comments to Michael’s lopsided dance. Bruno had me in fits over his ‘swing both ways‘ comment. And as an aside, I have noticed that including Darcy on the judging panel, the comments from the judges have become more raunchy and hilarious. There is something about the prim and proper Darcy that brings out the naughty boys in the other judges.

But I digress.

After Michael, there was the utterly amazing Nicky & Karen doing the Argentine Tango to ‘Skyfall’ by Adele. Now the judges had some strange comments over Nicky’s Argentine Tango, they felt it was to aggressive and to hard. Craig said “it was like a little boy throwing a tantrum”. I am not sure what dance they were watching but Nicky and Karen did a really powerful, and one of the best, Argentine Tango’s I’ve seen on the show for a long time. Their dance was to the new Bond theme, with Nicky playing the James Bond role, and I feel he executed the performance perfectly. It fitted the dance with them hitting all the flicks and kick wonderfully. It was the best story telling of the night that went so well with the dance chosen for them.

After Nicky there was Lisa & Robin doing the Quickstep to ‘Bring Me Sunshine’ by Jive Aces. Lisa has been such a revelation this entire series. She is a firm favourite in our household. The joy and fun she brings to each dance routine is mesmerising, and not meaning to be distressful, she is all the more wonderful for being able to do these complex and energetic dances being a larger woman. And I think that is what makes her such a great dancer. She gives 100% each dance and makes it seem so effortless. The Quickstep was no different. Lisa threw herself into such a complex and lively dance that maybe she got a bit carried away with as the ending was a bit of a mishmash. However, we all loved it in our house.

The only possible let down of the night was Denise & James and their Salsa to ‘Rhythm Of The Night’ by Valeria. Most of the routine was great, I got the feel of the Salsa and Denise was enjoying herself immensely. But there was one point towards the end of the dance where things seemed to just collapse. It was only during the judges comments that we found out James – or “Shimmy Jimmy Jordan” as he will forever be known – had, what he calls, a blank moment. After a difficult lift, he seemed to have forgotten what was the next step, which left Denise standing there, slightly shimmying with such a confused look on her face. But then they recovered and finished the dance. Up to that point, I thought Denise would have gotten a couple of 10’s but with that five second lull, the judges rightly penalised them.

So we come to the last couple of the night, and they definitely saved the best till last. Louis & Flavia entertained us with a Charleston to ‘Dr Wanna Do’ by Caro Emerald. And it was entertaining. I have to say that each year it seems that the couple, or couples, who do the Charleston well, go on to be in the final. Louis should be proud and certain that this dance has secured him a place in the final, along with Nicky and Denise. All three have performed such brilliant routines with the Charleston but I feel no one could beat Louis for his dance. There were tricks, moon-walking, leaps and acrobatics that only helped to emphasis such a fun and quirky routine. His best dance of the series, judging by the audience reaction when he finished. I have never heard and audience cheer, clap, and stamp their feet in appreciation. Then there was the boos they gave Craig and Len for the 8 & 9 points they awarded Louis and Flavia.

After such excitement and joyous entertainment, I am at a loss of who I feel should leave tomorrow. But if I had to put money on it, I’d say that Michael and Natalie will be leaving. They were not the strongest couple tonight, but I feel that what was more down to it being a latin dance which Michael has shown consistently he is unable to master.

So I wait with bated breath for the result show tomorrow night…


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