Valentines Day Is Upon Us… – Musings Of A Mild Mannered Man

Valentines Day Is Upon Us…

Valentines Day has come again and surprisingly for the second year running I have a partner for this magical day. But yet again, for the second year, I’m not able to see my other half on this most romantic day.


Last year I was unable to spend Valentines Day with my partner, Simon, as this was due to Valentines Day being the busiest day at our restaurant. It would be all hands on deck for our Valentines Dinner at the hotel, and as such I was always on call to work. So last year I was running around like a headless chicken, seeing to all the loved-up couples who had spent £50 for a 4 course meal in our restaurant, while quietly resenting their smug, arrogant faces as they scoffed their faces.

This year, having now been made redundant and living the life of leisure, I hoped that I could be treated to being waited upon, and wine and dined with Simon. Sadly, this will not come to pass. And I’m not sure about why.

Building up to this day I had dropped a few subtle hints and little notes to my other half on how much I would really enjoy for this special day if he saw fit to take me out for a lovely meal, to have someone else run around serving me a wonderful meal. I was looking forward to being pampered, to be spoiled and made a fuss of. But so far there has not been a hint of plans being made, or mentions of going out on Valentines Day.

I know that I could make the plans, and make sure to have all that I want for this day. To take charge of the preparations and make sure I got my magical day. The problem with doing this is that in our relationship I am the one who organizes going out, who plans when and where we are going, and make sure we have a great time doing the things that he likes. And I normally enjoy this. But on Valentines Day, just this once, I was hoping my other half, the person who says he loves me, and wants the best for me, would realize and see fit to get his act together and pull his finger out.

But so far failed to organize anything. How do I know this, well, having subtly brought up what we were doing on Thursday, my darling Simon tells me he is working late and would not be able to come round to see me. The next time I’m to see him is the weekend. The weekend!

So, unless this is all a ploy and he actually has planned a romantic evening, I will be spending this Valentines Day on my own. It will just be another ordinary day. A day of pottering round my parents house, doing odd chores and surfing the internet, while silently cursing at all the lovey-dovey couples who will be spamming my Facebook Wall with their terms of endearment for their loved ones. It makes me wish I was single again so I can forget the pressure of this day and just treat it like any other and not realize that the one I’m with is not the one I want.

Here’s to the happy couples for Valentines Day, may you treasure and appreciate what you have and never take for granted the other person in your life.

Valentines Day


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