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Waiting on tenterhooks…


So I have been watching BBC NEWS nearly all day – real productive, I know – but I have started to notice that they are almost calling the US Election for Barack Obama as the day has gone on.

The news pieces this morning were all on how Mitt Romney was still campaigning and how close the results could be, but now tonight, as more opinion polls are put out and speaking to their political experts, it has really switched to how we could know the result by 12am tonight and that it looks likely to be Obama.

Mitt Romney and President Obama

Either way, I really looking forward to an interesting night of swings and upsets, as in my gut – well, secretly I’m hoping – I think this will go down to the wire and that we may not even have a clear idea in the morning.

I’m also glad, and thrilled, that the beeb has seen fit to pull out the big guns for the election program. Can not get enough of David Dimbleby and Jeremy Vine on election night (though John Snow with his swing-o-meter is still king).

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2 Responses

  1. George says:

    I’m fairly sure the word is “tenterhooks” not “tender hooks”.

  2. paulturner76 says:

    I thought it was that, though being slightly lazy, I did not think to look it up, but now I have and I’m quite surprised by the origin of the phrase…

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