Watch/Discuss Last Night’s “Modern Family:” “Best Men” – Musings Of A Mild Mannered Man

Watch/Discuss Last Night’s “Modern Family:” “Best Men”

Mitch and Cam‘s former BFF (the faboo Elizabeth Banks) announces she’s getting married, and wants them to be her Best Men, but they … question her commitment. Meanwhile, Gloria has trust issues with the new nanny, Claire has a rare bonding moment with Haley, and Phil helps Luke with a girl he likes

Favorite Moments:

  • Once again, the kids steal the show, especially MVP Lily, who has the funniest bit of the episode in the closing minute. Sal: “Sorry you couldn’t come to the wedding, but it was no kids.” Lily: “That’s okay, I’ll go to your next one.” Mitch: “She just means when she’s not a kid anymore.” Lily: “She knows what I mean.” Sal: “I don’t like you.” Lily (whispering): “I’ll get over it.”
  • Phil: “What are you hiding?” Luke: “Porn.” Phil: “Don’t lie to me!”
  • Haley: “I agreed to dinner, not tickets to the Electric Light Dorkestra.” Claire: “Don’t be mean to your sister.” Haley: “No, that’s our band’s name.”
  • Luke was really the other star of the show, and had a classic reaction shot when Phil offered up, “Yep, Grandpa wasn’t always as crazy about me as he is now.”

What were your favorite moments?

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