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4 More Years…


After the most expensive, and tightest presidential race America has seen in a generation, the first Black President has secured a second term in the White House.

And it was a great night, the swings from Barack Obama to Mitt Romney and back to Barack Obama, in the states called and pundits predictions.

But there is now the serious side of politics to consider,

As many commentators and experts have been commenting on, the House of Representative is still held by the Republicans and looming up on the 1st Jan 2013 is what is being called the ‘fiscal cliff’ for America. A day when automatic tax rises and spending cuts kick in. If some economists are to be believed, it will be the equivalent of 4% of GDP being wiped off the American economy in one fell swoop. This can have the effect of throwing America right back into recession in one day.

So from today, from right now, both Democrats and Republicans have to get together and work out a solution that will make the budget deficit work, not just for hard working Americans, but for the rest of the word economy. With Europe still blanketed by dark clouds of structural deficit, and China’s economic output on the wain, we need strong leadership and bi-partisan partnership to make sure this generation, and the next, do not experience a Great Depression.

So Mr President, Republican Congress men and women, please, please come together and make this chance for change one that will count and not only secure the future for all Americans but the rest of the world…

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