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BBC News – David Cameron warns of 'gay witch-hunt' over child abuse claims

BBC News – David Cameron warns of ‘gay witch-hunt’ over child abuse claims.

So, today I’ve been seeing a lot on my social sites over the ‘witch-hunt’ comment our Prime Minister, David Cameron, has made when confronted by Philip Schofield on This Morning, in reference to paedophile rings and child abuse in the 70’s and 80’s
Most of the comments have been about the fact that Mr Cameron alluded “that this could turn into a sort of witch-hunt, particularly against people who are gay”, implying that most child abusers and paedophiles are gay. That he thinks all gay people will be compared to paedophiles.




Now my take on this, after reading up a bit from the net, and what political commentators have written, is that the list Philip had was that of names of MP’s and celebrities, who, during times of intolerance, made efforts to hide their sexuality, and in doing so seemed to be misleading in their actions and beliefs. The information circulating seem to be more gossip and innuendo, with no bases, or evidence, towards paedophilia.

“Mr Cameron said he had heard “all sorts of names being bandied around”.

BBC political editor Nick Robinson has been told by the PM’s aides he is disgusted that old online gossip about some politicians covering up the fact they were gay was now being associated with the serious crime of child abuse.”

I personally believe that Mr Cameron was not comparing gay people to child abusers. I feel that he was referencing some gossip that had been circulation in the Westminster circle about some politicians who tried to hide they were gay, and that this information should not used to brand them as being paedophiles. We should not take what he has said as a call to Mr Cameron offering homophobic, or implying homophobia comments. As a gay person, I feel our Prime Minister is a very tolerant and accepting of the LGTB society and that he is doing as much as he can to help improve our rights and acceptance in society. We shouldn’t have a knee-jerk reaction to some serious allegations, and we should consider fully the facts.


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