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Oh. My. God! Quite literally!

Anti-Gay Demonstration

Anti-Gay Demonstration (Photo credit: maha-online)

Oh. My. God! Quite literally!

14 Outrageous Secrets That a Homosexual Will Never Tell You | ChristWire –  http://ow.ly/f1SVF

This is the maddest, most homophobic and ridiculous article I have ever read. I have always associated myself as being a conservative with good morals and values. Though not a christian, I have a growing suspicion, as I get older, that there may have been some form of grand design to the universe and as such I was created with a purpose. Not a destiny, or fate, I do not believe life is predetermined but I do feel that there are opportunity’s, coincidences, that are ‘placed’ in our path in life that it is up to me to use and utilize.

One of the opportunities that I have chosen, if it really was a choice, was to be gay. I do not feel limited or reduced by being gay, nor do I believe that being gay goes against ‘God’s’ will or acceptance of me as a human being. If there is a ‘God’, or supreme being, that had a plan for the human race, me being gay helps fulfill his purpose in giving life and free-will to this little rock in the back end of the Milky-way.

I do not actively force, or condemn anyone, who does not accept my lifestyle. I just want to be accepted that I am a human being with the right to live my life in a society that is willing to accept all opportunities and choices that go to help make this world a vibrant and rich place it is becoming.

We only get one life, one chance, to experience whatever ‘God’, supreme being, or free will give us, let’s make the most of it and accept that there are at least 7 billion ways to live a life and enjoy the chance to do so.

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