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Video: “The Experts,” the Addicting Internet Game Show for Pop Culture Savants

I love when idiot savants get a chance to prove they know every significant, insignificant, ridiculous, and awesome thing about a speciality subject.

I bring you my new favorite internet show, “The Experts,” in which three contestants pick their favorite subject in the entire world (The Oscars, USC Football, and even The Siege of Malta have come up so far), and see how much money they can rack up while answering trivia questions about said subject. There are only a few episodes so far, but the available nerdiness is plenty addicting. If you’re already thinking of submitting yourself for inclusion, please know that I call dibs on the categories of Madonna, Liz Phair, and Anthony Perkins. You can choose Katy Perry or something.

Take a look at the newest episode, in which contestants specializing in Harry Potter, Parks and Recreation, and “robots” (the broadest category to date) square off against each other. Harry Potter vs. Robots vs. Parks & Rec.


I’m partial to this Oscars trivia from an earlier episode, and not just because the Oscar expert creamed everyone at a recent Academy Awards trivia challenge I attended in Santa Monica. I settled for second! Can you imagine?


Here are two old game shows that also catered to savants: The short-lived MTV game show Idiot Savants had a bonus round where contestants answered quickfire questions about their favorite subject for fast money.


The second game show is Debt, a Wink Martindale-hosted affair on the Lifetime Network where contestants played to pay off personal debts. If the contestant proceeded to the bonus round, he was eligible to double his earnings by answering a single question in a specialty category. The man in this episode picks “the music of Weird Al Yankovic.”


What would your expert subject be?

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    Thanks for spreading the word about our show, Paul! We HUGELY appreciate it!

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